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2019, the company launched its latest  agship blood test, LiquidHALLMARK®. This new test can detect 14 types of cancers, 50 genetic mutations and 2 viruses with a single blood test using its proprietary amplicon-based sequencing technology AmpliMARKTM.
It is the world’s  rst blood test that simultaneously detects both cancer- causing genetic mutations and viruses with 99.9 percent accuracy. The company is focusing its efforts on the most common cancers in Asia, such as cancers of the breast, colon, liver, lung and nose.
AWAK Technologies has developed theAWAKPD,awearable,compactdevice that enables dialysis to be performed on-
the-go, thus relieving the patient of the need to endure lengthy treatments that require connection to traditional dialysis machines.
The AWAK PD incorporates AWAK’s patented sorbent technology which regenerates and reconstitutes used dialysis  uid into fresh  uid while removing the uremic toxins from the spent dialysate. The device requires between 1.5 and 2 litres of dialysate to perform a patient’s entire daily therapy, compared with 8 to 12 litres required by traditional PD methods.
Tricog is using AI to provide patients with quick diagnosis for their heart condition. An electrocardiography (ECG)
machine with a Tricog add-on encrypts a patient’s results and sends them to the cloud, where a machine-learning algorithm interprets the data and forms a diagnosis, all in six minutes.
And Ayzer Sense has developed the Smart Automated Body-Pressure Redistributor (SABPR), a low cost, specialised mattress overlay to prevent the development of bedsores common amongst patients who are con ned to bed for extended periods. SABPR is designed to sense body-pressure, map high-pressure regions, and intelligently redistribute the underlying body support to reduce pressure in high-pressure regions, thus ensuring blood circulation remains adequate across all parts of the

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