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                  SINGAPORE MEDTECH DIRECTORY 2020/2021
 The portable ventilator remotely controls or assists breathing in patients with severe respiratory distress. Alpha uses encrypted connectivity to transmit treatment information to caregivers in real-time. In hospital settings during a pandemic, this would enable a small team of healthcare professionals to monitor, manage and adjust ventilator settings for a large number of ventilated patients via an online dashboard. The Alpha will reduce the risk of infection in caregivers by reducing the number of bedside visits to manually adjust ventilator settings.
Mr Ted Tan, Chairman of SEEDS Capital and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Enterprise Singapore, said: “In critical
times like these, it is important that our MedTech companies continue to innovate to meet the needs of our healthcare sector. ABM’s telehealth ventilator has the potential to improve productivity and, more importantly, reduce infection rates among frontline workers and caregivers, strengthening resilience against COVID-19. We are excited to work with Advanced MedTech to anchor the manufacturing of the ventilators here in Singapore as it adds to Singapore’s reputation as a MedTech hub.”
In April 2019, SGInnovate named five new co-investors to focus on early- stage deep tech startups in various fields, including MedTech. The government-
owned investment firm has already invested S$40 million in around 70 local and foreign deep tech startups, which have also gone on to attract S$450 million of funding from the market.
To date, SGInnovate and its partners have completed 22 co-investment deals. These companies are primarily working on deep tech innovations that have applications across a wide range of industries. In total, more than S$52 million has been collectively invested by SGInnovate and its partners under this scheme. The total value of investments that would be made alongside these co- investors is estimated to reach up to S$80 million by 2022.

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