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                 SINGAPORE MEDTECH DIRECTORY 2020/2021
 Since 1998, the SMF MTIG has make the medical technology industry an Each SMF MTIG subcommittee has
been actively involved in the
Medical Technology subsector of the biomedical manufacturing sector. The SMF MTIG has become a representative voice, actively connecting many established international companies, various prominent local small and medium business establishments and some significant local start-ups. The journey of the SMF MTIG was incepted with the planned three pronged approach:
1. Awareness of SMF MTIG member
2. Collaboration between tripartite bodies; and,
3. Implementation of best business practices at different stages to become a prominent local industry group today.
Taking on a crucial role in the
Singapore healthcare ecosystem, the SMF MTIG recognises the need to be an inclusive industry group, to involve all relevant and significant stakeholders in this key pillar of economy in Singapore. The industry group comprises of 4 subcommittees – Ethical Conduct (Compliance), Industry Capability Development (Program), Pro Enterprise (Business) and Regulatory Services (Technical)—with a vision to
active, vibrant and competent industry for growth and for Singapore to be the stable homeground or headquarter base for many key businesses. The current SMF MTIG Main Committee has 14 active and committed committee members for the term 2018 – 2021 while each subcommittee has a maximum of 10 active and diligent company members to help in 4 functional areas as follows:
Ethical Conduct
Guiding member companies to practice businesses in an appropriate ethical approach;
Industry Capability Development
A calendar of events and activities to build capability and competency and also to provide business collaborative opportunities;
Pro Enterprise
Engage and link member companies and industry for local and regional business collaboration opportunities and
Regulatory Services
Advisory and consultative interactive platform to engage the pre market and some post market technical regulatory challenges faced by member companies.
a different functional role to support the SMF MTIG Main Committee to facilitate decisions for the development of the local medical technology industry.

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