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Strategically located in MedTech MedTech Park JTC MedTech MedTech Hub is a a a a a a a a a a multi-tenanted development for medical device manufacturers and and companies providing supporting services It is easily accessible and and close to the the workforce in in in in the the neighbouring residential estates The development facilitates the the segregation of of pedestrian movement and goods flow reducing the the possibility of of cross-contamination It also features shared facilities that enable quicker start-up reduce space requirements and allow companies to to tap economies of scale to to lower operating costs thus enhancing their competitiveness Address
No of Units
Core and Shell Space Floor Loading
Floor-to- oor oor Height
For enquiries please contact: Teo Jia Kai
6883 3301 teo_jia_kai@jtc gov sg
2 Tukang Innovation Grove Singapore 618305 34
Ranges from 150sqm to 4
Level 1 1 - 15kN/sqm to 25kN/sqm
Level 3 to 9 - 10kN/sqm Level 1 - up to 9m
Level 3 to 9 - 6m
Louis Tion
6883 3241 louis_tion@jtc gov sg
Creating Tomorrow’s Industry Spaces
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