Nature of Business

Biomed Global is one of the most respected brands in the biomedical and life sciences industry in Malaysia and Singapore. Our journey began over two decades ago driven by our passion to make a difference to doctors, patients, researchers and academics.

Today we are a team comprising nearly 200 experts representing some of the world's renowned brands in the biomedical and life sciences industry. We are admired by the industry for our expertise, speed, commitment and market knowledge.

We never forget what truly makes us tick… It is our dedication to improve the quality of life and well-being of people. One person at a time.

Our mission is to empower our partners and to enrich lives. This is what inspires us every day. That is why, to us, Biomed is more than just a business. It is our passion. And our life blood.

We distribute products in the following categories:
– Pathology Laboratory
– Blood Bank and Transfusion
– Life Sciences
– Bio Pharmaceutical and Food Industry
– Veterinary
  • We connect Principals and Customers to deliver healthcare solutions
  • We help raise the quality of life by making medical technologies more accessible
  • We are a bridge linking leaders in medical/life sciences to local experts
  • We create partnerships with the scientific community to provide solutions to medical research
  • We help facilitate accurate and superior diagnosis that touches and saves lives
  • We offer superior healthcare solutions through our patient centric approach and innovative medical diagnostic technologies
  • We offer one-stop solution to our Principals from product registration, legal compliance, education, marketing, access to network, sales support to effective supply chain delivery system