CRN/UEN: 199504511D


Nature of Business

We are Team Biomed, a channel partner on a mission to raise the quality of healthcare & facilitate medical breakthroughs in Southeast Asia. We achieve this by:  
• Constantly seeking to partner with world leading brands
• Continuously improving our business processes
• Continuously investing in our talent and knowledge acquisition
• Instituting and embedding an innovation driven culture
• Developing and building in-house capabilities.

Our Expertise
• Product registration & legal compliance
• Education and marketing
• Sales and support
• Supply chain network

Solution Enabler
• Multi-talented team with diverse background
• Continuous improvement culture
• In-depth knowledge and experience
• Never-say-die mindset

Consultation services
From saving lives to enabling research, our team have extensive experience working with doctors, patients, researchers, academics, and lab specialists.
• Advice on best practices
• Support clinicians
• Provide solutions that enable R&D
• Maintaining the quality of healthcare devices

Training, Development, Service & Support
We are passionate about enriching the lives of people around us. To achieve this, we frequently offer training and development to all our stakeholders.
• Education and raising awareness
• Talent development
• Stakeholder engagement
• Access to Key Opinion Leaders

We provide solutions in the following categories:
- Pathology Laboratory
- Blood Bank and Transfusion
- Life Sciences
- Bio Pharmaceutical and Food Industry
- Veterinary

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