3 Tuas Lane
Singapore 638612

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Dr Sharon Loh
Mobile: (65) 9176 8025
Ms Alice Tan
Mobile: (65) 9040 3899


Nature of Business

Established in 2020, Alliance Biomed is a Singapore growth company wholly owned by Advanced MedTech Holdings and a subsidiary of AMT Pte Ltd. Tapping into AMT’s agility and wealth of experience, Alliance BioMed quickly became an ISO13485 certified and preferred partner in Covid-19 solutions, IVD contract development and manufacturing, and custom reagent development. 

Our expert team of scientists, quality and regulatory specialists are well-equipped to create and deliver specific solutions that will help bring your products to the market.

We are one of the few companies in Singapore that can offer customized protein expression and recombinant enzymes manufacturing for both research and commercial usage, making us the most suitable collaboration and service partners in your commercialization journey.

Our access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment, biosafety level 2A laboratories, cleanroom environment, automated liquid handling systems, and experienced team makes us your ideal choice for collaboration and service provision whether you are at the research and development stage (Research-Use-Only products) or developing commercial products (Diagnostic/IVD products). Come speak to us to find out more about how we can help translate your research into applications!

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